metals  recycling

Under his leadership, DMC remained a Fortune 1000 company and the largest non-ferrous metals recycling company in the world, employing 1,441 people.  


In 1978, DMC decided to liquidate all of the plant facilities and he was put in charge of auctioning everything off. During this project he fell in love with the auction industry and when offered an opportunity to join a new auction company a few years later as a partner, he

Primary Metals Warehouse

Mr.Fischer at DMC Cucamonga Recycling Plant

jumped at the chance.  And so began his career in the auction business after a 2 year attempt to get the City of St. Louis to recycle their trash instead of taking it to landfills.  It was a great idea, but 10 years ahead of its time.


Kenny began his career in the "junk" business in 1964 at Diversified Metals in St. Louis, the fastest growing metals company in America at that time.


He worked his way up from the ground floor unloading trucks and eventually moved into the office buying scrap.  A few years later, he was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of Diversified's West Coast Plant.  As his leadership skills grew he was promoted to President, responsible for three plants in the U.S., one in Canada, trading offices in Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Tokyo, Japan, Korea and Germany.

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